In September 2015, one of my best friend’s sons, Colby, was diagnosed with Anaplastic Large Cell (Non-Hodgkins) Lymphoma.  Stricken with the news and empathetic to the battle that this dear family was about to endure, I started a Gofundme campaign ( to help alleviate the financial burden they were facing.gofundme editedJust five days later, over $56,000 had been raised.  More than 3,000 people shared the site telling Colby’s story.  Family, friends, teachers, local businesses all came together immediately to offer aid.  T-shirts and bracelets inscribed with “Help Colby Fight” were made and distributed.  Restaurants donated portions of their proceeds to the cause.  Hundreds of students wrote cards for Colby, painted their faces, or dressed in neon green to show support for Colby and for Lymphoma Awareness.   Countless individuals gave of themselves in honor of Colby and the community awed me with their compassion and generosity.

Family, friends and I joined together with the renowned local non-profit Patty Pollatos Fund to continue raising funds for Colby’s medical expenses.  Amazing events have taken place to benefit Colby’s fund, such as Home Run Derby, 5K Race, Casino Night, Adventure Park Day, bake sales, and more!  Colby has completed six months of chemotherapy and is hopefully on the road to remission.

However, my journey of philanthropy has just begun.   The acts of kindness I witnessed have changed my life forever.  Fundraising and giving is in my heart.  I am determined to make charity a part of my legacy. Please stay tuned for upcoming events and updates on my efforts to spread love and light!

Visit or if you’d like to read more about Colby’s story, learn about current fundraisers, or to make a contribution.  


“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
― Anne Frank, Diary of Anne Frank: the play